>Spaceshaping in Nelson continues


Local people in Bradley continued working with the CABE Spaceshaper toolkit to help them shape their ideas about the new Youth Centre plans. Steph ran the Spaceshaper workshop over two evenings in August. The group, who are working with local artist William Titley, visited Liverpool to think about public art and urban design and how this could be incorporated into their Youth Centre ideas.

Steph from MPA visited again on Thursday 2 September and helped the group consider creative ways of consulting with the wider community. The group had some imaginative ideas such as conducting an opinion poll by text-message, developing their own Facebook page, developing a portable ‘wish-tree’, drawing a huge portable map and asking people to annotate it … the list went on! Next week the group will make a short presentation to the Bradley Residents Association and ask them to record their hopes for the project using star-shaped post-it notes on a ‘wish wall’.

Thanks to William Titley for use of the photographs in this blog post. See the Bradley Regen Blogspot for more info http://art,%20participation%20&%20regeneration/


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