Contemporary Heritage Curator’s Blog: I am envious

Not Forgottten has been up for 1 week. Steve, the Head Gardener and I are in regular contact and his apprentice, Nathan, walks round every morning and checks on all the artworks. I am envious. It is a beautiful walk and very moving. Early on Monday morning (13th), I set off with my camera and bags to collect all the blackboard signs from each of the cots. Walking round the grounds and the woodland and seeing all names still clearly visible on all the blackboard signs was so moving.
We thought the rain would have washed away the names but it hadn’t. I decided to leave the blackboard markers in the cots, they looked so right and with the name still present, it would have been like removing a memorial to that person. There was something comforting about seeing so many together and so beautiful set in a cot of lavender or rosemary against the woodland or by the pond.

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