Shhh…. ‘keep’ it to yourself!

Our Visual Arts & Projects Officer Rebecca Alexander talks about the latest developments at Clitheroe Castle Museum….

We’re waiting until all permissions have been granted before we announce who we and Lancashire Museums Service have awarded the second Contemporary Heritage commission to. Knowing I need to keep his/her name under wraps is at the forefront of my mind while still trying to let you in on some of the developments.

The Artist Site visit day was a densely foggy day as these photos show…

The thing with Clitheroe Castle is that it never disappoints whatever the weather. It is always magnificent and the weather – shine, snow, fog, rain (the order in which I have experienced it), only steeps the place in more mystery and atmosphere. I was there yesterday with The Artist and the project team on a site visit in the drizzling rain and there were still a lot of families exploring the grounds. Good old (& young) Brits! Macs and wellies on and I’m sure there were tourists braving it too.

I can tell you that the piece will be sited in the Castle Keep and it’s going to be quite an experience. I can’t wait to tell you more!


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