Scorpions In My Head

David Smith from our Education team comments about the past couple of weeks after the news came in from ACE at the end of March….

What a bad week that was from Wednesday morning with that dreadful news….not an increase in funding, not the same, not even a reduction but no funding from the next round from Arts Council England. All kinds of recriminations and thoughts of conspiracy theories creep like scorpions through my head. The mass of supporting tweets, verbal messages and e-mails as the news filters through remind us of the good will that lies out there somewhere…but on the Friday morning the disappointment was still there, like a nagging groin injury…

…and yet Friday really was another day which came with a breath of fresh air, news of Steph’s success, our Education Co-ordinator – she has her PhD; enough to lift all our spirits…why? …because it is a reminder that this is such a talented team; a team which brought Panopticons and Land, inspirational artwork in Contemporary Heritage and the Valley of Stone, and the Padiham Greenway – all to new audiences in Pennine Lancashire and beyond….

Today, Monday is another day, the start of another week…onwards and upwards…


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