Local Cluster of Schools Engage Creatively with Local Heritage

Mid Pennine Arts  have been working with Blackburn’s ‘Oasis Cluster’ of five schools and one children’s centre alongside a number of local artists.

‘A Walk in the Park Becomes So Much More’ is a project bringing together children of different ages to explore Blackburn’s  Corporation Park. Working with creative practitioners Gordon MacLellan (Creeping Toad), Karen Alderson, Thea Soltau, Kerris Casey St. Pierre, Rosie Fenwick, Ruth Evans and John Spedding, each class has created their own activity trail around the park.  The children’s trails help them share with others what they’ve learned about plants, global warming, bugs and the natural world. We’re very excited because tomorrow the children will come together to lead one another along their trails in the Park.  Before the end of term, each school will have a printed trail guide and online resources to use again and again.


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