Creative Consultation in Fleetwood

Getting creative – how would YOU improve a school’s outdoor spaces?

Mid Pennine Arts are helping a school in Fleetwood develop their ideas for new and creative school spaces. We have been engaged by creative social enterprise Curious Minds  to deliver this programme of work.

Flakefleet Primary are having major changes to their school building in the coming year – but what about the outside spaces? To get their creative ideas flowing, a group of teachers have volunteered to work with MPA Education Coordinator, Stephanie Hawke, to be a ‘Change Team’.

We met artist Sean Creagh  on Friday 10th June. We looked at photographs of all the amazing creative learning environments Sean has worked on in other schools and were really inspired. Then, Headteacher Mr Barnes took us on a tour of the spaces outside school and we talked about what we’d love to see there in future (whilst ducking the Seagulls!)

Our next steps are to introduce Sean to the children at Flakefleet and together collect up all of our thoughts about what makes an outdoor space good or bad. Then we can think about how to make Flakefleet’s new school even better!

We had some great ideas, here’s a Wordle to illustrate what we talked about. How would YOU make the school’s grounds more inspiring?



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