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Emma Booth, 15, reflects on her week of work experience with MPA.

I must say, my time spent here at Mid Pennine Arts has been a huge eye-opener to the massive range of art and artists out there. Being a teen on work experience, I knew there was more to art than pencil, paint and paper, but I have never really considered art beyond my own passions.

By delving deep into the heart of what MPA is about, I discovered knowledge about their past projects and the impact they have had on people who visit them. For example, the Contemporary Heritage projects have taught me that there is more to art than what it looks like. Of course, the aesthetics of a physical piece are important, but projects such as Not Forgotten have shown me that the story behind a piece of artwork is of an even greater importance, and when one reads deeper into that story, the beauty that was originally there shines brighter and illuminates the site.

As well as the many stand-alone projects that have been created, I have also learned about the heaps of work that MPA does with children and young people. Researching Creative Learning projects such as Padiham Greenway and Historical Tea Parties has made me smile widely, especially after reading about the work MPA has done with children with learning or behavioural difficulties. Right now, thinking about the massive impact MPA’s work must have had on these children, attempting to put it into words is proving a difficult task.

Being at MPA has not only given me an insight into the many forms and meanings of art in the world, but has also given me a taste of what the world of work is like. I remember sitting outside the office back at my primary school, waiting for my mum to finish in the teachers’ meetings that were held, itching to burst inside and share my thoughts and ideas. Well, MPA has given me that opportunity, and with each meeting I was a part of, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonderful future projects being discussed that held so much potential. Of course, the world of work is not all fun and games, but even sorting through artists’ applications and data has taught me about the vast variety of art forms.

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time at MPA, and I am absolutely certain that my experience will come in handy at some point in the future. I would like to say a big, big thank you to all the colleagues at MPA, whose friendly natures made me feel comfortable and welcome in the new atmosphere. And for all the coffee!

Emma Booth
Work Experience Volunteer

Photo of Emma Booth for blog compressed


Think Big!

As a volunteer for Mid Pennine Arts many new opportunities have come my way. I am pleased to say that with the support of MPA I have received funding from O2’s Think Big campaign to realise my own project and I am very excited to begin!

My project is called Pass It On and its all about sharing skills and knowledge. I want to create a chain of people who pass on skills to each other. Each person would learn something new and then teach a different skill to the next person in the chain. It’s a great chance to meet new people and get involved in a project to be proud of. I also want to document each skill sharing session and potentially hold a small exhibition to share the experiences.

All I need now are some volunteers to participate! The skills I am looking for do not have to be complicated the only criteria is to teach someone something new. In a practice run of this project people taught things like how to cook soup, meditation and how to mix songs as a DJ. I believe that everybody has talents they can pass on and who wouldn’t benefit from learning something new? To get involved please email, or call on 01282 421 986 (ext 206). I am aiming to fit the project around the participants to make it as convenient as possible so it should not encroach on any other commitments that volunteers may have. The total time commitment is 4-5 non consecutive days between mid February and mid May.

This project is open to anybody to come and learn something and have some fun in the process! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Dominique Dunand-Clarke
Project Assistant