Arts Awards with our HLF Lost Legends group

Young people involved in our Lost Legends project have been experiencing art, most recently by exploring a local sculpture trail. These images show our responses to the experience and now we want to share them with you. Please leave your comments as this will help the young people involved to achieve their Arts Awards at Bronze level.

Being in the audience Bin it! Love it

Since Autumn last year, MPA have been working with two groups of young people to explore the story of the Lancashire Witches. We have visited museums and heritage sites and met and talked to a range of heritage experts. As part of this adventure we have used the arts to think about and communicate what we have learned. The young people involved have worked with filmmakers Huckleberry Films, drama specialist Steve Fairclough and community artist Kerris Casey St Pierre to creatively retell the story of the witches. We discovered a tradition of artists drawing inspiration from this legendary story and we visited Aitkin Wood with artist Philippe Handford to explore the Pendle Sculpture Trail inspired by the witch trials of 1612.

Being part of the Lancashire’s Lost Legends project has introduced young people to creative practitioners, led them to develop their own artistic skills and allowed them to experience arts events and exhibition such as the Pendle Sculpture Trail.

Earlier this week, we reviewed our experience of the sculpture trail and now we want to share our review with you. The photos above show the responses we generated and shared in school on Monday. We also wrote up our responses which we will share with you very soon. Please take a moment to let us know what you think after reading our comments.




3 responses to “Arts Awards with our HLF Lost Legends group

  1. Stephanie Hawke

    It sounds as though the weather was really poor on the day you visited the sculpture trail, but I’m glad you found it useful to have a tour and you seemed to really like the way the sculptures were imaginatively made from natural materials. I think I’ll visit, but I might wait until the weather is a bit nicer!

  2. It does sound like you braved some horrible weather! The use of natural materials seems to have inspired you and that the art was in the open and available for everyone, although some of you thought trekking to see it was a pain. Sculpture trails are always more interesting in nice weather!

  3. what a wide range of experiences you’ve all had – i wonder which art form inspired you the most? I remember doing a piece of street theatre when i was at Uni about the Pendle witches – such rich stories to use as a stimulus! wishing you all the best with your arts award – love from all at Curious Minds