Arts Awards at Marsden Heights

Since October last year, young people in Billington and Nelson have been exploring the story of the Pendle Witches. Some of them have decided to work towards their Bronze Arts Awards as part of the project. Below are Hakeem, Ikram and Caitlin’s reviews of ‘being in the audience’. Hakeem and Ikram visited Pendle Sculpture Trail with artist Philippe Handford, whilst Caitlin missed the visit so chose to review her experience of Bingley Music Festival. Please comment on their reviews, this will provide them with evidence for their Arts Award portfolios. 


Haqeem Anwar: Pendle Sculpture Trail

 We were in a forest full of sculptures. There were sheep and it was raining. It was called Pendle Sculpture Trail. We were in a project called Pendle Witches.

(The things I liked and why): meeting one of the artists Philippe Handford, because I wanted to know what inspired him.

(I didn’t like) the weather because we were getting wet.

I would recommend it to others because the art was great.

(I learnt) how the witches were a part of the art.


Ikram Ashraf: Pendle Sculpture Trail

(Visiting Pendle Sculpture Trail) was a great experience of old sculpture. (I went) to experience seeing natural sculptures. (I liked) that it was open space, outdoors. (I didn’t like) the weather.

I would (recommend it to others) because it is a great place to investigate our country’s past. (I learnt) that natural art is beautiful.


Caitlin Gibson: Bingley Music Festival

The event was a music festival and lots of musicians performed. I went to this event because I’ve always wanted to go and I finally got the opportunity. I liked watching my favourite musicians perform, like Nero and Rudimental because I’ve always wanted to see them. 

I didn’t like the weather, it was cold and muddy. Also it’s really busy and I got lost.

I would recommend it because it’s like one giant party and you meet lots of new people, also you have a feeling of independence.

I learnt how to take care of myself and how great live music is!

(As evidence of being in the audience) I have my ticket, a photo and ruined shoes!








3 responses to “Arts Awards at Marsden Heights

  1. Stephanie Hawke

    I’m glad that you would still recommend visiting the Sculpture Trail even though the Pendle weather can sometimes be a bit challenging! It’s also good to know that you were interested in what had inspired the sculptor. As for Bingley Music Festival, I totally agree, live music in the great outdoors is one of the best audience experiences you can get!

  2. I really like Caitlin’s description of the music festival. It’s nice to get to do something you really want. Festivals can be a bit intimidating because of the number of people there so it’s good to know that she coped and felt more independent as a result. Shame about the shoes, never wear good ones to outdoor festivals!

  3. David Smith

    It comes over strongly how much Haqeem appreciated being able to have a conversation with one of the artists involved in creating the Pendle Sculpture Trail. Ikram’s point about art giving us access to our past is often missed by people walking the Trail. It’s great to hear him recognising the contribution art can play. I am sure that Caitlin’s visit to the music festival won’t be her last. It’s obvious how much she enjoyed it. Hope the weather improves for you all!