The Iron Man: Keeping Watch Over Ferney Lee

Ferney Lee 1

Children at Ferney Lee Primary School have enjoyed being involved in the Iron Man project, along with Mid Pennine Arts and other Todmorden primary schools.

Year 3/4 children worked with Mick Kirkby-Geddes to create a 7ft sculpture of the Iron Man.  We built the robot out of junk materials: boxes, huge golden spheres and cardboard.  Mick brought lots of metal to give us ideas about the sort of things a metal monster might be made from.  We made him look like a metal man by adding details such as spanners, bolts, rivets and cogs, made from cardboard.  We covered him with tissue paper and painted him in rusty metal colours.

 “We are really proud of our achievements because not only does he look amazing, we also all worked collaboratively to create him”, said Year 3/4 teacher, Miss Wilson, “the project fitted perfectly with our creative curriculum.”

It took three full days to make Iron Man with Mick and our children!

Team work and perseverance were key to our success”, said Noah Lane, Year 3.

We really enjoyed the whole project”, said Gabrielle Carpenter, Year 4.

 He is now keeping watch over us in the entrance hall!

As well as the sculpture we have enjoyed reading Ted Hughes’ story.  Through it we have written diaries and stories, created space monsters, designed Iron Man traps and acted out interviews for newspapers.  We have all really enjoyed the project and look forward to seeing work from the other primary schools in Todmorden.

Kelly Wilson

Ferney Lee Primary School


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