Nick’s Fundraising Ride – The Countdown!

Keeping you up to date with the progress of MPA’s Creative Director, Nick Hunt, as  he tackles a London to Paris fundraising cycle ride over three days…

2 September 2015

Well he’s on the train heading for London and the 8.30am start for tomorrow’s ride.  All the months of training, disrupted on a few occasions by injury and accident, are behind him, there is no more time to prepare – this is it!

Oddly, packing has caused the most consternation over the last two days.  ‘Travel light’, the organisers say, but that’s not so easy when they send a two page ‘must bring’ list.  The first aid items alone total 13, which has slightly unnerved Nick!

Getting the bike on the train

Getting the bike on the train

Luggage will be in a van while they are riding, but Nick needs to get across London with his bike and luggage to reach the starting point.  If you’ve ever seen a turtle stuck on its back, you’ll have an idea of what Nick looked like when he put his fully loaded rucksack on for the first time – no way is he going to be riding a bike wearing that, especially across London.  Losing all contents bar the official ‘kit list’ didn’t help much.  Let’s hope he can find a helpful cabbie at Euston station!  Good luck Nick…

His fundraising page:

His Lucky Charm

His Lucky Charm!

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