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Arts Awards in Burnley

Meet Caitlin and Charlotte who are working on their Bronze Arts Awards and need your help. They have written reviews of Souvenir d’Anne Frank which they watched at Burnley Youth Theatre. Please do read their reviews below and comment.

Caitlin and Charlotte developing their skills behind the camera.

Caitlin and Charlotte have been working with Steph and Lucy at MPA since last summer when they performed a piece of multi-media site-specific promenade theatre in Victoria Mill, Burnley as part of Project Pride.  Since then they have contributed to a youth consultation giving rich insight into their experience of arts and culture in Pennine Lancashire.

Here are their reviews. Please do comment with your thoughts.


This is the show that my drama class and I went to see at Burnley Youth Theatre. We hadn’t been told anything about this mysterious play, only that it was by a group called ‘Ensemble’ and that is was an abstract piece of art. I was a bit put out because I don’t generally like abstract things but I thought that, as an actress I should try to gain as much experience of all types of the performing arts industry that I can.

However, after I saw the performance I didn’t really like it and didn’t understand what some of the things the actors did were supposed to represent. However, the music (which was played on-stage, right in front of us!) was incredibly moving and somehow showed the story better than the actors! And the lighting and set up of the stage – though simple – created a very tense and subtle atmosphere. All of this I told the actors at the end in a questions and answers session, and told them politely how I thought they could improve their performance to enhance it. All in all I found the performance boring, moving and really contradictory all at once.


The event I went to was a performance of ‘Souvenir d’Anne Frank’. It was a theatre performance at Burnley Youth Theatre. I liked it because it was an abstract performance about Anne Frank and the rose named after her. It explored a period of history that I find particularly interesting. I thought the acting in the piece was amazing because it was a different way of performing that opened my eyes to a different style of acting. It was different from what I expected as it was far more abstract and stylized than I thought it would be.  I felt that the best bit was the stage. The simple use of plastic roses and shredded tires to create a circle, almost like a rose bush, it just had such a moving effect on me. It was a skill of using simple objects to create elaborate set is one that will help me in my art.  As part of the audience, it was slightly confusing in parts but was an overall very pleasing performance with strong emotive language and actions, as well as using music and dance in an effective performance. I would recommend it to people who have am interest in both Holocaust theatre and abstract. As it is both those things, it is also an overall very good piece of theatre.

This is my reaction to the piece and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

What do you think of Caitlin and Charlotte’s views? Have you seen the show? Would you like to now?

You can see more of Caitlin and Charlotte in the Curious Voices film to which they contributed for Curious Minds.

Terrific achievements at Marsden Heights, Pendle

Sleet and snow meant roads in Nelson were chaotic this morning, but MPA were warm and dry in Marsden Heights Community College’s Year Ten Assembly. It was with enormous pleasure that we presented Arts Award certificates to young women involved in Project Pride, Nelson. We hope that having their photograph taken for the local newspaper will make up for the girls’ extreme embarrassment when we showed the Project Pride film to their year group. Good luck in the future girls and thanks for the lovely gifts and chocolate.
Steph and Lucy

Author: Steph Hawke

Today on 25th of June we …. (via accymarkethallbanners)

What the fabulous Project Pride team for Accrington have been up to!

Today on 25th of June we .... Today on saturday 25th of June we have been making some decision about the openings (preview & the official launch) and the invitations for the unveiling of our heritage banners for the Market Hall. So far we have decided to serve refreshments like juice, coffee and tea and hot pies with peas or gravy (this is a very important decision!). We have put our heads together to create a press release and now we are designing the invitations. Not ba … Read More

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Project Pride Nelson gets stuck in. (via Project Pride Nelson)

The latest on Project Pride in Nelson

Project Pride Nelson gets stuck in. The heat is on as the launch hurtles towards us with increasing rapidity and, simultaneously it is also exam & assessment time in school for most of the participants. The group have been working on arranging the launch, designing the invitations, deciding who will come & what food we will order. Since last entry, the promotional image for the textile bags has gone off to print, calls have been made to the Ace Centre confirming our booking … Read More

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Project Pride Nelson Gets Creative (via Project Pride Nelson)

The latest from Project Pride Nelson.

Project Pride Nelson Gets Creative The group met in the textile room at Marsden Heights School today, all 15 participants were present …….. and, after a quick word about Arts Award we set to work with fervour. We recapped on last weeks session and the ideas that had been generated there, Yumna and Ingela offered to make the patchwork for the sleeves. Ingela taught Jenny some machine embroidery skills too. I let the group know that I had sourced a firm that would embroider some … Read More

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