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Places to visit this Easter

With the weather so variable, we thought we would share a variety of ideas for things to see and do this Easter.

Helmshore Mills Textile Museum

Helmshore Mills Textile Museum.  Here you can soak up the atmosphere of the historic mills and witness original machinery at work as well as having fun and learning in an exceptional environment.  The museum offers activities, events and special exhibitions, one of which is part of our Contemporary Heritage programme.   The spectacular No Match, created by international sculptor Claire Morgan, is a site specific installation inspired by Claire’s discoveries during her research residency in October 2011.   See the museum’s website for details of opening times and entrance fees.  Not to be missed!


Clitheroe is a great day out at any time.  Not only does it offer a large variety of unique and boutique shops there is also a fantastic selection of cafés, bars and restaurants to enjoy.  There are many walks that begin in Clitheroe which you can find out more about here.    Clitheroe Castle Keep is currently host to TAKEN, another of our Contemporary Heritage commissions.  This sound installation by contemporary classical composer Ailís Ní Ríain is inspired by the story of the Lancashire witches.  TAKEN allows the visitor to imagine how the 12 individuals may have felt during their last four months in captivity whilst awaiting trial.

Greenways in Padiham and Preston

The Preston Greenway was constructed along the formerly disused railway line that formed part of the Bamber Bridge to Preston extension of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.  The greenway links Penwortham, Bamber Bridge and Preston city centre and forms part of the National Cycle Network.

The Padiham Greenway was created on a disused railway line that runs between Rosegrove in Burnley and Padiham.  The Padiham Greenway has been developed as part of a longer route between Great Harwood and Burnley which is designed to create an off-road trail that connects people to facilities and open spaces in and around the towns that flank the route.


Have you visited the Panopticons yet?  These iconic, contemporary landmarks were designed to attract visitors into the countryside to discover the stunning landscapes that Pennine Lancashire has to offer.  There are four Panopticons each situated on a high-point site commanding spectacular views.  For more information click here.

You can also download various maps and guides for walking around the Panopticons and other areas of interest here.

Have fun whatever you do!


Local Children help Artists on Preston’s new Greenway

The Preston to Bamber Bridge Greenway has seen additional development over the last few weeks through the installation of three sculptures. Commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts, artists Martin Maudsley and John Packer developed a creative engagement programme that engaged the local communities and school children surrounding the Greenway through workshops and events which took place last year.

Two of the sculptures are educational pieces based on train couplings, reflecting the history of the area. These have been engraved with poetry from the children who participated in the school engagement programme, led by artist Martin Maudsley. The children from St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary and Middleforth C of E Primary School, spent time on the Greenway discovering natural and historical elements of the site through sensory walks and collecting objects for drawing. The poetry was a result of their experiences and what the Greenway meant to them. The pieces have magnifying and fish eye lenses incorporated into the couplings to allow the surroundings to be viewed more closely.

The third sculpture took the form of seating. With the aid of artist John Packer, pupils from Lostock Hall Community High School & Arts College interpreted the ideas of the primary school children and developed them into designs. The end result was seating based loosely on leaf designs.

All three pieces have been built by John and can be found along the main route into Preston and around the Whitehouse Junction Nature Reserve area of the Greenway. The main access points of the Greenway are Avenham Park, Leyland Road opposite the fire station and Factory Lane after the junction with Old Tram Road.

Development of the Greenway initially began in 2010 and saw the disused railway line turned into a multi user Greenway suitable for walking and cycling. The area was surfaced creating a path suitable for outdoor activities and the route, which is open to the public, now forms part of the National Cycle Network.

Helen Yates, Mid Pennine Arts Community and Projects Officer said, “These sculptures add to the offering of the Greenway making it an even more exciting and inviting place to spend the afternoon walking and cycling. It will also encourage schools to use the Greenway as a new learning environment.”

Preston to Bamber Bridge Gateways Commission

Artist Brief 

Preston to Bamber Bridge Gateways Commission


Mid Pennine Arts brings art, people and places together to transform perceptions and change lives. We are a creative organisation who, since 1966, has developed a range of high quality arts projects across Lancashire.


Project Background

The Preston to Bamber Bridge Greenway* has recently been completed by REMADE and is now managed by Lancashire County Council. It occupies a green corridor which was formally theYorkshire and Lancashire (and Penwortham Spur) Railway line. Constructed in 1848 and dismantled in the 1960’s, the line used embankments to minimise gradients and keep the railway well above the River Ribble flood plain.

The route forms a triangle leading to Preston Railway Station, city centre in the north, Penwortham Mills, Factory Lanein the south and a spur which extends westwards to Leyland Road, Penwortham. The main gateway into the city centre does not form part of this commission, this gateway is likely to be considered at a later stage.

The overall length of the Greenway is approximately 2.7km, and the site occupies an area of 13 hectares, it’s raised wooded corridor straddling the boundary betweenPrestonandSouth Ribble.  South of the River Ribble the embankment has been naturally regenerated and it is managed as a Local Nature Reserve by Lancashire County Council Countryside Services and crosses open farmland and playing fields. Further North the route bisects Avenham and Miller Parks, which have recently been renovated. The route now forms part of the National Cycle Network and at certain points the route provides good views out of the site where the full extent of Preston City Centre can be observed.

* A greenway is a route designed to provide a safe route for cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians with no other vehicular access, linking communities and destination.


The Two Entrance Sites

Bamber Bridge Entrance (bottom right entrance on map – see supporting information below)

The southern entrance to the greenway is at Penwortham Mills,Factory Lane. This entrance has a large existing kissing gate and it is likely that this will stay. This entrance structure is positioned in a dip between embankments, in what is part of the green route area. The suggestion is that a new sculptural feature should be placed further up the incline away from the kissing gate. Placed in this site, a new sculptural feature would command a better position to be viewed and to view from.

Penwortham Spur Entrance (middle left entrance on map – see supporting information below)

The western entrance to the greenway is at Leyland Road, Penwortham. This entrance has a small, not highly visible access from Leyland Road, a busy road in Penwortham. A kissing gate at present provides an entrance but this could be removed or incorporated in a new gateway feature as long as the design allows accessibility to horse riders, cyclists and motorised scooters whilst restricting other vehicular access to the site. The entrance from this end does need to be made more visible and welcoming.



Mid Pennine Arts would like to commission an artist/s to work on a gateway project which would involve the creation of two sculptural pieces for the Bamber Bridge entrance and the Penwortham Spur entrance to the Preston to Bamber Bridge Greenway.

Mid Pennine Arts are asking for the submission of project proposals that will allow the steering group to see what could potentially be achieved on the two sites.

Supporting information for this project is available here Preston to Bamber Bridge Updated Site Boundary 14 June 06 This map shows the location of the Greenway site. The Gateway Commission sites will involve the entrance at the bottom right (Bamber Bridge) and the middle left (Penwortham) of the map.

Bamber Bridge  entrance showing incline to the proposed sculptural gateway site

Bamber Bridge entrance showing incline to the proposed sculptural gateway site


Proposed site for the sculptural Gateway at Penwortham from the road.

Proposed site for the sculptural Gateway at Penwortham from the road.

Proposed site for sculptural Gateway at Penwortham entrance

Proposed site for sculptural Gateway at Penwortham entrance

From proposed sculptural gateway site showing long linear stretch through trees towards City centre

From proposed sculptural gateway site showing long linear stretch through trees towards City centre

From proposed sculptural Gateway site showing incline down to  Bamber Bridge entrance

From proposed sculptural Gateway site showing incline down to Bamber Bridge entrance


Showing route  down to the Penwortham entrance at the end of the trees.

Showing route down to the Penwortham entrance at the end of the trees.


The proposal will show:

  1. How 2 local schools (possibly one primary and one secondary) will be engaged through the delivery of the project
  2.  How the project will respond to the two sites

The design proposal will need to:

  1. Reflect the site and provide an interesting and welcoming entrance for users
  2. Engage the schools through the delivery of a creative workshop programme
  3. Show how the design will be developed further

The commissioned artist/s will be expected to:

  1. Liaise with Mid Pennine Arts and the Steering Group
  2. Produce a project scheme which will outline workshops, a budget covering; workshop and design fees, materials, fabrication, installation, transport costs and maintenance costs
  3. Lead a series of 4 creative workshops in each school
  4. Develop the submitted design proposal and deliver two sculptural gateway pieces
  5. Ensure the designs are relatively maintenance free
  6. Work closely with Lancashire County Council
  7. Be CRB checked
  8. Have full Public Liability cover


The commissioned artist/s will need to have experience of (or show resources to accommodate):

  1. Working with schools
  2. Working creatively
  3. Working to a budget
  4. Working to deadlines
  5. Working with partners
  6. Working with Local Authorities


Workshops – Creative Programme 

  1. It is recommended that 8 workshop sessions are delivered by, or in collaboration with, an experienced artist.
  2. All workshop leaders need to be CRB checked


If further information or a site visit is required before sending an application please refer to the supporting information above or contact:

Helen c Yates, Mid Pennine Arts (Details below)


A budget of £10,000 is available to cover; workshops, design fees, materials, fabrication and installation of two sculptural gateway features. (some installation costs could be covered within the wider site maintenance costs)

A contingency amount is recommended.


Deadline for applications: Wednesday 28th September 2011

Selection: Monday 3rd October 2011:


Timescale: Commencement of project 17th October 2011, delivery and installation before 9th December 2011


All applications will be acknowledged.


To apply please post:

  1. A letter expressing interest, specifying relevant experience, contact details and availability.
  2. A brief outline proposal for the project.
  3. An up to date C.V.
  4. Up to 15 images of relevant previous work.

(If the images need to be returned please included a stamped addressed envelope)

Please post applications to:

Helen c Yates

Community andProjectsOfficer

Mid Pennine Arts

1,Neptune St

Weavers Triangle


BB11 1SF

Tel.  01282 421986 ex 208



The above commission is funded by Arts Council England and Lancashire County Council.