Celebrating Todmorden – Cornholme School

Todmorden Town Council has generously supported the Todmorden Treat, a project to give each primary school an experience of working with the same artist or performer during the spring term.  This year each workshop will result in a series of A2 posters, inspired by vintage travel posters, which will celebrate Todmorden in the local area and promote it to people living outside the town. Read more about this year’s theme here.  These are the posters created by the talented pupils at Cornholme J, I & Nursery School.

“Children loved the experience. The art they produced looked fantastic, which meant they were proud of their work. As well as supporting their teamworking skills, the children learnt about the design process of producing their artwork. It supported previous work on slogans and advertising and got the children thinking about how special Todmorden is.” Class teacher.

“I enjoyed doing the poster because we got to express our feelings about Todmorden. I thought our poster went well and it was nice to work as a team.” Pupil




Are you a group/organisation in Todmorden who would like to use them to promote the area and/or what you do?  If you would like Jpegs of the posters please get in touch by emailing Melanie.

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